Monday, July 30, 2012

If I Die, It Was The Fly 7-28-1

I don't have much time to write but.... So this week my companion and I were matched up with a Latina and we went contacting!!! I shook hands with a man who was digging through the trash. And, I got eaten by flys and no one else was... I spoke a little Spanish but not much. I felt more love for strangers than I EVER
have before. I can quite literally feel the true love of Christ flow thru me for these people! Yikes, it's so cliche but it's SO real. I may not have said a lot, but I felt so much! These bug bites are killer! dumb flys. I seem to be the only one that the bugs like. -- so last night some of the sisters went downstairs in their PJ's to practice  a song for Sunday and the Pres came down and got upset with us for having a PJ party... oops... I had no idea. I was following the crowd and they said they had permission. Jaja So last night my dream was that my roommate was in trouble and the pres came in and I said don't tell me you're in trouble. She said she was and he started to sing about how terrible it was and that she had to go home, and he continued to sing and roll around on the floor. Weird I know... plus he was a black guy and our Mish Pres is like soooo white with super white hair... I've been dreaming a ton. The other night the girls in our room were talking about how there's no hope... everyone (girls) gets fat on their mission. So my dream that night was that my mom said I was fat and that my brother got called to a Utah mission. haha random.... anyway!!! ---- I miss playing my trombone sooooo much! like way back when I had a normal life, I knew I was at least kinda good at something... and now... I'm not so sure. I miss music! Last Sunday I sang a solo in church with my old comp on the piano, so in the fireside this week the Latinas came up to me and asked if I'd help out in their musical number. Violin, piano, Latinas and Latinos.... I couldn't hold it in, I laughed while I was up there. It really was good... but if you've heard Latinos sing before,you may know that most of the time they need a little help from above. The Spirit is there though! And it's admirable, their desire to sing.. Of course I'm a giant and everyone saw me laugh during the song. I felt dreadful. Good thing I had my back turned to the President.---- Yesterday my companion and I finally felt like we have hope at being real missionaries.... seriously,we've felt like terrible mish. BUT Our Father in Heaven finally gave us the strength and allowed us to use our ability of inviting the Spirit and teaching. Finally we were able to be successful, now if only we could start over with our other investigators and do better with them. A 2nd chance! please!!! but I guess we'll just have to see where we can take them from here. Okay, they're kicking us off!!!! blahk! love you all!!!!! sooooo much!

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