Monday, July 30, 2012

Spiders, Eathquakes y Scriptures Oh My! 7-21-12

So, really there's not much to say. Everyday's the same. Keep deareldering. Letters take ages to get here. Thanks for the picture of Emily and Daniel. I' so freaking excited for them! My comp is great. We were already friends so we got to skip the whole get to know you thing and got right to work. We're not perfect together but we're both hard workers. I get discouraged with myself and Spanish because she's so much better than me. But all is well. I'm getting over making mistakes in front of everyone... that's all. Yesterday was my month mark so sing a song and blow out some candles for me! My comp and I have been working out really hard and sweatin. We need it cause all we do all day is sit on our tooshies... we also share meals because once again, meals are determined on an Elder portion not an Hermana needed portion. So much food and soooo good. So some random things about this week: A large group from Honduras is staying in the Casa de Huespedes which is attached to the CCM. My classroom is actually a bedroom in that part of the building so we talk to them a bit. The kids are crazy though! They like to say Hello in Ingleis and what ever else they know how to say. One of them jumped into one of our Elder's laps the other day super randomly. They're great. TEMPLOR! We had an earthquake this week. I was sitting on a sofa by myself and I thought someone kicked it until it kept vibrating. It lasted quite a while. My companion was out on a nurse thing in the city. She was on the 5th level of a building and felt it pretty surely. Some people didn't even notice though... too bad for them. Three spiders is the count this week. They were pretty good sized ones too. Not as big as I wanted them to be though... jaja. So we get to go tracting this week! crazy right! I'm pretty sure I'll pair up with a Latina and we'll jump on a bus and get dropped off somewhere in the city-suburbs.  So it's great to be here. Oh and I can't upload pictures here. SUCKS, but one day you'll get some pictures. I love you all! AMOR AMOR AMOR!

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