Sunday, February 17, 2013

Baptism 1-28-13

So this week´s story happened on Saturday. We had great plans for the day like everyday.... but this day went a little different. We called around and finally got a woman member to come teach with us.  It was perfect. She was supposed to have left already for work. she asked me what time we´d be there and we were like now and I asked her when she needs to be at work and she said at 9am... well that was 15 minutes ago... haha. so she came! ended up that they know each other. it was a beautiful lesson and he came to church yesterday! he knew tons of people! including the man we baptized yesterday. wow. does the Lord know exactly what needs to happen or what!?! that wasn´t the only thing like that that happened on Saturday but it was definitely my favorite. I love this work.  pretty much everything this weekend went perfectly. our baptism was amazing. The members did like everything and the room was filled! it was pretty legit. I love this area and the work that´s here to do!

I have 7 months in my mish! can you believe that! in march I´ll be 22 years old and I´ll be half way! what in the world?!?!?!