Saturday, May 12, 2012

A Bad Dream, Hopefully Not A Vision Of The Future

So I had a terrible dream two nights ago about my first day out on my mission.  I guess my self-conscience is a little nervous.  Sounds like forgetting things, having companions that don't want to work, having companions that get me into trouble, not being able to contact my mom, and bugs are on my worry list....

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Pre-Mission Advice from all of You!

Panamá and the Mish
·  Do it just once, early on your mission before you become more "good" - in reference to dipping your feet in the beautiful oceans... which is, of course, against the rules 
·  Be obedient.  Missionaries have so many rules because they need blessings more than anybody.
·  Sisters can get away with anything...
·  It's okay for girls to take naps in the MTC so do it! And don't feel guilty about it!
·  Be ready for the biggest spiders on earth and the swimming poisoned panthers (er, whatever made up animals you were trying to scare me with...)
·  Don't be a weird sister missionary
 ·  Love the people.  You can have the faith to move mountains, but if there is no charity, than you can't convert one person.
·  Work hard!
·  Just open your mouth to talk to someone. Learn to be bold about the gospel.
·  I'm preparing you for your worst missionary companion, but it's going to be worse on your mission because you'll be right beside them 24/7
·  You'll need all those sheets they tell you to bring because you'll sweat so much as you sleep

·  When times get hard, focus on the prolems and concerns of others

·  Eat slower than your companion (that way they won't keep filling your plate with food even after you're stuffed full!)
·  Take medicine.  You’re probably going to get sick.

·  Prepare to lose yourself in the work

·  Develope Christ-like patience and reliance in the Lor's timing
·  Wrap your blanket around your legs and feet real tight so you can keep the bugs either away or just squish them
Dressing and Grooming
·  Linen is the lightest, coolest fabric
·  Chacos everyday vs. chacos look too casual
·  You want to blend in just a little, not everyone looks all fancy
·  Keep in mind that some missionaries from other countries are just taking whatever they have.  They're not going out and buying a bunch of new things

·  If you need dental work done, go to the US military.  They are usually on scholarship, have higher regulations and do a pretty good job
·  Just make sure you're wearing your longer skirts and Sunday shoes for conferences and Sundays...
·  Bring flip-flops for the showers, even after the MTC in your mission because centipedes and other bugs will crawl out of the drain and you'll want to stomp on them
Spanish Hints
·  Know when and how to use Ser and Estar
·  Read the Book of Mormon in Spanish out loud
·  If is sounds like you're from the south... it's wrong
·  Speak towards the front of your mouth and keep your molars closer together
·  Practice the letter sounds, especially the vowels; just repeat the vowel sounds over and over
·  Pronounce the letter sounds exactly how they should be

Thanks you all for the great mission advice!  It was all well received and sooo appreciated!