Sunday, June 2, 2013

Where in the world is Hermana Schumacher??? San Blas - Carti Tupile Isle 5-16-13

Hey, tomorrow I’m headed out to San Blas!!! Booooyyaaa! I’m in the office so I decided to just shoot you a message. I’ll be back in 5 weeks and then I’ll be somewhere... who knows and then I go back to Blas. Soooo wish me luck with sleeping in a hamaka and eating nuts and cereal every day and learning Kuna! I’m pretty stoked. My comp is from Guatemala and I’m sending her home this change. She’s awesome and super chill. I’m so excited and pumped. Last night and tonight we’re staying in a house with my old comp, her apt is in the city in Marcasa. She’s training now... it’s like we just switched lives. I’m taking her place in Blas and now she’s training. I’m going to the island called Carti Tupile. It’s well civilized compared to the islands that the Elders go to.... but it’s still super super Blasy. I’m sooooo excited. I’ll write you hand written letters while I’m there so that I remember to keep you up to date on stuff, but I can’t send them for 5 weeks. Last night we went with Pres to a Costco like store and bought a couple hundred dollars worth of food to take with us. Tomorrow morning we drive in a car for 3 hours and afterward we take a boat out to the island. The Elders left today but they take a plane to get out there. Wow, one elder who was in my zone a change ago looks like a skeleton now! haha. They don’t eat much out there.... I wanna have Otherside of Heaven stories to tell to everyone! haha We’ll see! I love you tons! If I die out there, at least we know I died working for the Lord!

Hermana Schumacher

Don’t forget to email Pres when J gets his call! so that he can call me!!!! He’ll do it if you tell him. Pres is leaving this next change! How wierd is that!

Mom Notes:

Jakob has submitted his mission papers so he should receive his call in a couple weeks.

We will not hear from her until June 20th or so, her one year mark.

Also, she has a return date of December 6th. Home for Christmas then back to college.

A little more about where she is: There is no electricity, some generators; no running water unless you collect rain; they go to the mainland to bathe in the river; they bring all their food with them, no local food or water!; no flushing toilets, they are at the end of a crude pier where they go in the water; needless to say they do not fish or get in to the water around the island; there are no vehicles, you can walk from one end of the island to the other in five minutes; consequently there is virtually no crime; the chapel is built out over the water; Look for more on the Kuna people and Mormon Island as they call it online. Very amazing for Hermana Schumacher to experience an indigenous Central American people who's legends led to many of them immediately accepting the Gospel.

More Pics 5-13-13

Today we´re in the city so I´m gonna send pics.

My dead shoes... they went into the trash yesterday. diganlos chaooo!!!
Mom Note: That they lasted 9 months of missionary walking is very good. Sent her another pair so she should be good until Dec.

After the talent night we had 11 investigators!

Setting up for talent night and my Zone.

The pic of the house of where the dogs attacked us. I don´t know if I told you that a pack of dogs started attacking us up on the mountain... it was pretty scary to tell the truth. And do you think the Elders were going to save us? no.... they RAN for their lives! hahahaha it was pretty funny afterwards....

so I took pics of this house under construction just to show you that they aren´t made of anything! you could kick that wall down! haha

and a big bicho! haha the bugs here are big and beautiful!

I´m packing and packing and packing. Changes in a couple days!!!
okay, I´m out of here! love you all! hope you enjoy the pics!

Hermana Schumacher

Valle de Anton 5-7-13

Lots of people wrote me this week! Sorry, but I’m not going to write a whole lot. I had an amazing p-day. Remember that little accident we had in the chivita? Well my comp and I headed out that way again with the Elders from our ward to actually arrive and enjoy a day at Valle de Anton. We arrived safely and soundly this time....

Well, we´re super late cause I´m trying to find a song to sing with an Elder for noche de talents (Talent Show.)

I gotta go. Sorry I didn´t write much, I´ll write next week. oh wait! I´ll call you! Haha

Love you all, Hermana Schumacher

Mom Note: We enjoyed a one hour and then three hour Skype with Hermana Schumacher for Mother's Day. Great timing as we are on San Blas time now.

Island Paradise 4-30-13

SO much fun! it was one of my favorite P-days. We went to Toboga an island off the coast of the city. We went with the Young Single Adults from the stake. It was fantastic. haha. We ran into tons of people there. People from the stake and other members talked to us. It was so funny to hear the people say... and whisper, look the missionaries look, haha. it was super chill and beautiful. So I have changes for sure on the 15th. Don´t know to where, but its coming. I definitely needed a good p-day with friends.

We are tracting all the time. We start our day at 1 pm cause I´m training so we have extra study time in the morning. We tract or have appointments all day until 9:30 at night. Then we plan and hit the sack cause we´re dead tired EVERY night.

My comp is learning English. I make her have conversations with me, tell me stories from the past to practice past tense and tell me what she wants to do when we get home from the mish to practice future. She hates and loves it! I tell her that when she comes to visit my family in the states, I´m not going to translate everything for her! haha

We went to the temple last night. It was great. The Spirit is so strong on the temple grounds.

Us mish are planning a talent night on the 11th. Hope all goes well. We don´t have much time to plan.

So one experience this week was being one of the people hanging out the door of a diablo rojo, the crazy school busses that they use here. The bus was so full; I was one of 3 people hanging out the door. We´re crammed in these busses. The two men that were there had their arms around me to hang onto the bus and keep me from falling out. haha gotta love these busses. I´ll miss them when I go home. oh and for people who know Panama City... which is hardly anyone, they took out all the diable rojos in the city and put in more metro.... metro doesn´t have the capability to serve the same way as diablos seriously.... but what´s funny is that the drivers of the metro are just ending up being the crazy psycho drivers from the diables! it´s awesome.... just imagine a city bus in the states, packed like sardines and driving with the door open and whipping in and out of and between cars and honking at everything. It´s hilariously thrilling.  I love it. meto diablos in the city! haha

So the other day we were walking and ran into a lady who goes to the gym with us in the mornings. We started talking with her and while we were taking her number down this teenage girl who was in her school uniform with two friends stopped and said, hey aren´t you the Mormons? we were like... yeah.... and she said quickly, I want you to come to my house!, we were like without words.... serious, I tried to think quick, told my comp to continue talking with the lady and I went and took the number and name of this joven (teenager.) It was a fun mish experience. haha

Okay, well I´m out of here.

Hermana Schumacher