Sunday, June 2, 2013

More Pics 5-13-13

Today we´re in the city so I´m gonna send pics.

My dead shoes... they went into the trash yesterday. diganlos chaooo!!!
Mom Note: That they lasted 9 months of missionary walking is very good. Sent her another pair so she should be good until Dec.

After the talent night we had 11 investigators!

Setting up for talent night and my Zone.

The pic of the house of where the dogs attacked us. I don´t know if I told you that a pack of dogs started attacking us up on the mountain... it was pretty scary to tell the truth. And do you think the Elders were going to save us? no.... they RAN for their lives! hahahaha it was pretty funny afterwards....

so I took pics of this house under construction just to show you that they aren´t made of anything! you could kick that wall down! haha

and a big bicho! haha the bugs here are big and beautiful!

I´m packing and packing and packing. Changes in a couple days!!!
okay, I´m out of here! love you all! hope you enjoy the pics!

Hermana Schumacher

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