Thursday, August 30, 2012

Panama! (Unedited, weird keyboards)

Okay, there´s so much to say and so little time. hopefully they don´t shut my comp off before I´m done. MI CASA It´s like candy land! it´s two bright shades of pink of the outside. the livingroom wall is bright orange, my batheroom is bright green with a pink toilet and our bedroom is bright blue! Everyone says that ist´s the nicest house in the mish. we have lots of friends here. we call them bichos. they crawl everywhere! they are tiny and love our food. today, being p day, i did some major cleaning.... this place could use a week of deep cleaning... I´ll be leaving it a lot better than I found it... that´s for sure.we have a cocinera for 1 meal every day. I eat powderede soy milk with chocolate and granola and bananas cereal for breakfast. 85 degrees F is nomal and cool temp for our house. ITS SO FREAKING HOT HEREseriously.... food here... lots of rice and more rice and oh yeah, rice. I love it. LOts of walking and lots of kisses on the cheek for greetings. the people here are great. anyone who had the oportunity to serve latinos.... you know what it´s like... shoot! I love them so much haha.... they´re just so full of love and ready to adopt you as family. this land is aamzing... my first night here we went teaching and just walking down these dirt rocky roads.,.. it was like a movie of the most beauitiful places on EARTH. It´s so green and fantastic. HEAVEN. (besides the heat... I could do with less heat....) I´m pretty much swimming in sweat as soon as I .... no... just always swimmin. ADDRESS Hermana Sasha Rae Schumacher-- Mission Panama--Carrasquilla--Entrega General 0834 Panama--Republica do Panama. MI COMPANERA is perfect. can´t speak a full sentance in english and is so sweet, hardworking, and got this mish thing down.everyone loves her. she´s so laid back and helps me sooooo much with spanish, it´ll be able to learn so much from her... SO MUCH. she´s also gorgeous. you´ll see... she says ¨´whatever´to me all the time and ´shut up!´ and ´´what the heck¨ all in ingles... it´s hilare!!! love her! she´s teaching me to dance... don´t tell anyone, it´s a secret....she has so much faith in me. oh and her name in Herm (Blanca) Rodriguez. from nicaragua.

in a lesson the other day I asked for baptism from a lady on her second vistit and freaked my comp out haha she wanted me to just ask her to church. but it was all good. it´s what we´re suposed to do! haha more stories next week!

food. i love food. i love food here. i love people here. love. love.

Once in a while I think... hwat in the world am I doing here... especially in this heat...

cars passing by honk, men yell hey baby in english out their windows and everyone stares. I´m trying to act like I look like them and I am one of them! haha cause I am right!? haha love it..

Saturday, August 18, 2012

We're Freeeeeee! 8-18-2012

I’m getting out into the world this week! It’s pretty exciting! So some news about this last week: My district sang in devo this week.  They’re pretty great at singing... just saying. It was pretty much amazing.  We went contacting again this week and we went to like more house looking houses this time.  The area def had more money, but I loved both the areas the same.  The people were good.  I can definitely see that door knocking doesn’t do much good.... it’s all about the members! So you members! Get out there and work with the mish in your area! Seriously, get to it! –I’m going to super miss my Hermana... I’ll miss them all, and I don’t have a clue about what my companion in Panama will be like, so I have to enjoy being with a great friend and missionary while I can!  Hermana Canfield is the best comp! It’s like having a great work out buddy, food sharing partner, and hardworking missionary chica tied to my hip all day long.  For those that don’t know, companions can’t leave the room without the other.  We have to be together and in sight of each other at ALL times! (except for el bano, thank goodness,... haha).  My companions have been great so far.  My traveling comp this week will be Harmana Kistner again! Yay! I love her so much! We definitely knew each other before this life. Just sayin...-- So funny story... We were teaching an investigator (meaning one of our teachers, Hno. Cuque) and my comp tried to say ‘is it alright if we kneel for the prayer?’ and she swears she didn’t say it, but our teacher heard the word for to urinate.... and she made it reflexive... and then I proceeded to say ‘on our kneels’. ...  so pretty much he started cracking up and told us later what she said.  It was hilarious. Yikes yikes.-- So I have to put in a great word for my amazing teachers!  Hna. Chaves was so intense at first, and she loves to make fun of one of the Elders in our district.  I love her! She makes us work and her stories from her mish are strengthening and realistic. Hno. Mandez is a great teacher! He is so patient with us and he knows how to explain things to us simply, clearly, directly and how we Nortes would understand.  He also keeps us in line.  Hno. Cuque is absolutely fantastic.  We all love him a ton!  I think he got back from his mish just a month before working here.  He served in Lima, Peru. He has seriously saved my sanity a few times while I’ve been here. He’s really sensitive to how we feel.  He has a great energy and passion for this work.  He laughs at us all the time and he has an adorable smile.  He just cracks us up and lifts us up.  All of our teachers really care about this mission thing, like a lot.  They are great role models and I wish I could fold them up and stick them in my pocket and take them with me into the field. -- Not much more time left!!!! I’m sure I’ll have tons for next week!  Panama, here I come!--Love you all!!!!!!

eSpanish 8-11-2012

Okay, so I have some shout outs cause I don’t have a ton to say this week besides, this is my ultima semana!!!!! (last week) wooooohoooo! SO,no letters should be sent to the CCM any longer...-- Mom: HAPPY BIRTHDAY on Monday! I love you and anyone reading this should tell her how amazing she is!-- (Today is my comp’s birthday, sooooo yeah... jaja she’s pretty much the best most awesomess person EVER!)-- Alexis and Eric: I miss you two!!!! I can’t believe I haven’t even heard from you... seriously... I don’t have your address... so it’s up to you! I love you!!!-- Cami: I sent you a card for your birthday, but,HELLO! You moved across the entire country! slap in the face, moving on with your life while I’m stuck in time! jaja, I’m writing you another letter and sending it to your bro in law, so you should get it eventually, HAPPY LATE BIRTHDAY! and I think you got the job at the factory! at least that’s what it sounded like in my mom’s email, so congrats!!! You’re amazing!-- Jakob: you may get a letter from an elder here.   He’s hilarious so I hope you enjoy it. Get up and wake up and write me a darn letter or email! You could just write Hi.... come on man!!-- Lyndsey, Melissa, Stevan, and all other friends and blog stalkers, some letters are on their way, keep me posted on your life and I hope you’re still alive, cause if you died, I probably wouldn’t find out.-- So this week I got to make up my own investigator, well not make up, but pick someone I know and be them, soooo, DAD, I was you.  It’s been great fun to pretend to be you and be hard on the mish. haha but I’ve learned so much about being in your position and trying to think like you.  One of my favorite things in the CCM is being an investigator. I learn just as much about mish work as I do with practicing teaching.  Just goes to show how important the people are that I will be working with! God seriously loves us sooooo much! Fe in Christ is a milagro worker.  seriously.  Learn of Christ, hope in Him, read His own words in the Bible and in 3rd Nephi 11 thru 28. He is the Master.  Fear is the opposite of faith.  Why fear, when His plan is perfect and the power of God is about to guide you!?!-- So, Spanish, last week I felt like my Spanish was suffering AND my English was suffering... serious, nothing will come out of my heart, up out of my mouth and make sense! But this week I felt the progress that I’ve made.  In lessons, as coordinating Hermana at the CCM, in talking with the Latinos and especially our compañeras de cuarto Latinas and in class, I have actually learned how to exprese mi sentimientos and pensamientos en Español! I wish I could show you... but I will un día. --My body (mostly my guts) hate either me or the food here... and my toe nail ripped off... fun stuff! jaja --I’m so ready for my adventure! Let’s get this mission rolling!!!! Seriously! can you say cabin fever? haha I love you all!!!! sooooooo much! Until next time! sorry! It’s tiempo!   LOVE Ya’ll!

Monday, August 6, 2012

¡No Escuchen los Gringos! 8-4-2012

     We three-weeker nortes got to go out into the world this week! We have just about 2 weeks left here and it's going to fly by! 3 weeks left was okay and do-able, but 2! Yikes! We went to the 3D sculped map of Guatemala which was fun. Pres Nicolayson gave us his spiel on his theory that the Book of Mormon happened in Guatemala. It was pretty convincing... like really convincing... but all just theories. After that we went to a market in the city. It was fun. A little touristy but not bad. There's a market-food court part with meat hanging from the booths and big open
sacks of grains and seeds and huge piles of fruits that I have no idea what they are. In the food market, while we were walking by, we were probably on TV. They turned the camera towards us and started this hype in Spanish super fast speaking and then when we probably looked either really scared or confused, the guy with the mic said do you want a lunch. We said no and continued on... it was pretty great. I AM A GIANT. Like seriously... I'm not too worried about people messing with me. jaja. After the market we went to Wendys... woop woop... We had to go there, wasn't by choice. At least we knew it was safe food. haha. despues, we went to this big square in front of a government building that's not a museum or a cathedral. The most exciting thing there was a man yelling and hollering about the gospel on a microphone. He was telling them to repent and all this stuff. As a group of us girls (4 of us) walked by, we noticed what he had begun saying.... everyone was looking at us, well more than the usual staring at the white gringo girls, and he was pointing at us and saying don't listen to the gringos. They talk of an eternal love and happiness that they don't have! okay... like seriously.... it was one of the best experiences of my life.... How desperate can Satanás get! We just kept smiling and saying Hi to everyone as we passed by... It was pretty hilarious.----- So it's been raining like crazy, last night's thunder was amazing! It was just pouring! I love it. Reminds me of home. Okay, random nastiness that no one wants to know but I'm going to tell you anyway... my toes are going to look terrible when I get home, I swear... it's nasty nast. I ripped one of them half way off two days ago cause it was falling off and my other one's all yellow and nasty and I have the worst athletes feet foot nasties that I've ever had. SERIOUSLY the worst feet problems I've ever had. I really don't want ugly toenails, it's just nast.... mish scars? blahk! ----- So letters, no more letters should be mailed to the MTC here... My mom should post a new address for Panamá!!! I'm so excited! Like... sooooooo EXCITED and pretty much ready, I mean I'll never really be ready, but what I don't learn here, I'll learn in the field.----- So, about my comp really quick, cause I only have 2 min. left. She is from Utah, and she's grad from U of Utah. She's awesome. The middle of 5 siblings and she's a nurse mish. She's worked as a nurse kinda but she got her licence just now.---------Thank you all for the letters and Dear Elders! I absolutly love getting them. I'm sorry I don't write back much or my letters are taking forever to get to you!!! I love you all! ---------Post Script: To any blog stalkers (and I hope I have some) that don't actually know me... and maybe you're going to serve in Central America or even just serve anywhere, write me! I stalked blogs and my comp stalked blogs of mish who were serving so I know it happens.... just saying... hahahaha