Thursday, August 30, 2012

Panama! (Unedited, weird keyboards)

Okay, there´s so much to say and so little time. hopefully they don´t shut my comp off before I´m done. MI CASA It´s like candy land! it´s two bright shades of pink of the outside. the livingroom wall is bright orange, my batheroom is bright green with a pink toilet and our bedroom is bright blue! Everyone says that ist´s the nicest house in the mish. we have lots of friends here. we call them bichos. they crawl everywhere! they are tiny and love our food. today, being p day, i did some major cleaning.... this place could use a week of deep cleaning... I´ll be leaving it a lot better than I found it... that´s for sure.we have a cocinera for 1 meal every day. I eat powderede soy milk with chocolate and granola and bananas cereal for breakfast. 85 degrees F is nomal and cool temp for our house. ITS SO FREAKING HOT HEREseriously.... food here... lots of rice and more rice and oh yeah, rice. I love it. LOts of walking and lots of kisses on the cheek for greetings. the people here are great. anyone who had the oportunity to serve latinos.... you know what it´s like... shoot! I love them so much haha.... they´re just so full of love and ready to adopt you as family. this land is aamzing... my first night here we went teaching and just walking down these dirt rocky roads.,.. it was like a movie of the most beauitiful places on EARTH. It´s so green and fantastic. HEAVEN. (besides the heat... I could do with less heat....) I´m pretty much swimming in sweat as soon as I .... no... just always swimmin. ADDRESS Hermana Sasha Rae Schumacher-- Mission Panama--Carrasquilla--Entrega General 0834 Panama--Republica do Panama. MI COMPANERA is perfect. can´t speak a full sentance in english and is so sweet, hardworking, and got this mish thing down.everyone loves her. she´s so laid back and helps me sooooo much with spanish, it´ll be able to learn so much from her... SO MUCH. she´s also gorgeous. you´ll see... she says ¨´whatever´to me all the time and ´shut up!´ and ´´what the heck¨ all in ingles... it´s hilare!!! love her! she´s teaching me to dance... don´t tell anyone, it´s a secret....she has so much faith in me. oh and her name in Herm (Blanca) Rodriguez. from nicaragua.

in a lesson the other day I asked for baptism from a lady on her second vistit and freaked my comp out haha she wanted me to just ask her to church. but it was all good. it´s what we´re suposed to do! haha more stories next week!

food. i love food. i love food here. i love people here. love. love.

Once in a while I think... hwat in the world am I doing here... especially in this heat...

cars passing by honk, men yell hey baby in english out their windows and everyone stares. I´m trying to act like I look like them and I am one of them! haha cause I am right!? haha love it..

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  1. Having served in Latin America, I completely can picture the scene of this experience. I love it. Sasha's personality is all over the posts on this blog.