Saturday, August 18, 2012

eSpanish 8-11-2012

Okay, so I have some shout outs cause I don’t have a ton to say this week besides, this is my ultima semana!!!!! (last week) wooooohoooo! SO,no letters should be sent to the CCM any longer...-- Mom: HAPPY BIRTHDAY on Monday! I love you and anyone reading this should tell her how amazing she is!-- (Today is my comp’s birthday, sooooo yeah... jaja she’s pretty much the best most awesomess person EVER!)-- Alexis and Eric: I miss you two!!!! I can’t believe I haven’t even heard from you... seriously... I don’t have your address... so it’s up to you! I love you!!!-- Cami: I sent you a card for your birthday, but,HELLO! You moved across the entire country! slap in the face, moving on with your life while I’m stuck in time! jaja, I’m writing you another letter and sending it to your bro in law, so you should get it eventually, HAPPY LATE BIRTHDAY! and I think you got the job at the factory! at least that’s what it sounded like in my mom’s email, so congrats!!! You’re amazing!-- Jakob: you may get a letter from an elder here.   He’s hilarious so I hope you enjoy it. Get up and wake up and write me a darn letter or email! You could just write Hi.... come on man!!-- Lyndsey, Melissa, Stevan, and all other friends and blog stalkers, some letters are on their way, keep me posted on your life and I hope you’re still alive, cause if you died, I probably wouldn’t find out.-- So this week I got to make up my own investigator, well not make up, but pick someone I know and be them, soooo, DAD, I was you.  It’s been great fun to pretend to be you and be hard on the mish. haha but I’ve learned so much about being in your position and trying to think like you.  One of my favorite things in the CCM is being an investigator. I learn just as much about mish work as I do with practicing teaching.  Just goes to show how important the people are that I will be working with! God seriously loves us sooooo much! Fe in Christ is a milagro worker.  seriously.  Learn of Christ, hope in Him, read His own words in the Bible and in 3rd Nephi 11 thru 28. He is the Master.  Fear is the opposite of faith.  Why fear, when His plan is perfect and the power of God is about to guide you!?!-- So, Spanish, last week I felt like my Spanish was suffering AND my English was suffering... serious, nothing will come out of my heart, up out of my mouth and make sense! But this week I felt the progress that I’ve made.  In lessons, as coordinating Hermana at the CCM, in talking with the Latinos and especially our compañeras de cuarto Latinas and in class, I have actually learned how to exprese mi sentimientos and pensamientos en Español! I wish I could show you... but I will un día. --My body (mostly my guts) hate either me or the food here... and my toe nail ripped off... fun stuff! jaja --I’m so ready for my adventure! Let’s get this mission rolling!!!! Seriously! can you say cabin fever? haha I love you all!!!! sooooooo much! Until next time! sorry! It’s tiempo!   LOVE Ya’ll!

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