Monday, August 6, 2012

¡No Escuchen los Gringos! 8-4-2012

     We three-weeker nortes got to go out into the world this week! We have just about 2 weeks left here and it's going to fly by! 3 weeks left was okay and do-able, but 2! Yikes! We went to the 3D sculped map of Guatemala which was fun. Pres Nicolayson gave us his spiel on his theory that the Book of Mormon happened in Guatemala. It was pretty convincing... like really convincing... but all just theories. After that we went to a market in the city. It was fun. A little touristy but not bad. There's a market-food court part with meat hanging from the booths and big open
sacks of grains and seeds and huge piles of fruits that I have no idea what they are. In the food market, while we were walking by, we were probably on TV. They turned the camera towards us and started this hype in Spanish super fast speaking and then when we probably looked either really scared or confused, the guy with the mic said do you want a lunch. We said no and continued on... it was pretty great. I AM A GIANT. Like seriously... I'm not too worried about people messing with me. jaja. After the market we went to Wendys... woop woop... We had to go there, wasn't by choice. At least we knew it was safe food. haha. despues, we went to this big square in front of a government building that's not a museum or a cathedral. The most exciting thing there was a man yelling and hollering about the gospel on a microphone. He was telling them to repent and all this stuff. As a group of us girls (4 of us) walked by, we noticed what he had begun saying.... everyone was looking at us, well more than the usual staring at the white gringo girls, and he was pointing at us and saying don't listen to the gringos. They talk of an eternal love and happiness that they don't have! okay... like seriously.... it was one of the best experiences of my life.... How desperate can Satanás get! We just kept smiling and saying Hi to everyone as we passed by... It was pretty hilarious.----- So it's been raining like crazy, last night's thunder was amazing! It was just pouring! I love it. Reminds me of home. Okay, random nastiness that no one wants to know but I'm going to tell you anyway... my toes are going to look terrible when I get home, I swear... it's nasty nast. I ripped one of them half way off two days ago cause it was falling off and my other one's all yellow and nasty and I have the worst athletes feet foot nasties that I've ever had. SERIOUSLY the worst feet problems I've ever had. I really don't want ugly toenails, it's just nast.... mish scars? blahk! ----- So letters, no more letters should be mailed to the MTC here... My mom should post a new address for Panamá!!! I'm so excited! Like... sooooooo EXCITED and pretty much ready, I mean I'll never really be ready, but what I don't learn here, I'll learn in the field.----- So, about my comp really quick, cause I only have 2 min. left. She is from Utah, and she's grad from U of Utah. She's awesome. The middle of 5 siblings and she's a nurse mish. She's worked as a nurse kinda but she got her licence just now.---------Thank you all for the letters and Dear Elders! I absolutly love getting them. I'm sorry I don't write back much or my letters are taking forever to get to you!!! I love you all! ---------Post Script: To any blog stalkers (and I hope I have some) that don't actually know me... and maybe you're going to serve in Central America or even just serve anywhere, write me! I stalked blogs and my comp stalked blogs of mish who were serving so I know it happens.... just saying... hahahaha

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