Saturday, August 18, 2012

We're Freeeeeee! 8-18-2012

I’m getting out into the world this week! It’s pretty exciting! So some news about this last week: My district sang in devo this week.  They’re pretty great at singing... just saying. It was pretty much amazing.  We went contacting again this week and we went to like more house looking houses this time.  The area def had more money, but I loved both the areas the same.  The people were good.  I can definitely see that door knocking doesn’t do much good.... it’s all about the members! So you members! Get out there and work with the mish in your area! Seriously, get to it! –I’m going to super miss my Hermana... I’ll miss them all, and I don’t have a clue about what my companion in Panama will be like, so I have to enjoy being with a great friend and missionary while I can!  Hermana Canfield is the best comp! It’s like having a great work out buddy, food sharing partner, and hardworking missionary chica tied to my hip all day long.  For those that don’t know, companions can’t leave the room without the other.  We have to be together and in sight of each other at ALL times! (except for el bano, thank goodness,... haha).  My companions have been great so far.  My traveling comp this week will be Harmana Kistner again! Yay! I love her so much! We definitely knew each other before this life. Just sayin...-- So funny story... We were teaching an investigator (meaning one of our teachers, Hno. Cuque) and my comp tried to say ‘is it alright if we kneel for the prayer?’ and she swears she didn’t say it, but our teacher heard the word for to urinate.... and she made it reflexive... and then I proceeded to say ‘on our kneels’. ...  so pretty much he started cracking up and told us later what she said.  It was hilarious. Yikes yikes.-- So I have to put in a great word for my amazing teachers!  Hna. Chaves was so intense at first, and she loves to make fun of one of the Elders in our district.  I love her! She makes us work and her stories from her mish are strengthening and realistic. Hno. Mandez is a great teacher! He is so patient with us and he knows how to explain things to us simply, clearly, directly and how we Nortes would understand.  He also keeps us in line.  Hno. Cuque is absolutely fantastic.  We all love him a ton!  I think he got back from his mish just a month before working here.  He served in Lima, Peru. He has seriously saved my sanity a few times while I’ve been here. He’s really sensitive to how we feel.  He has a great energy and passion for this work.  He laughs at us all the time and he has an adorable smile.  He just cracks us up and lifts us up.  All of our teachers really care about this mission thing, like a lot.  They are great role models and I wish I could fold them up and stick them in my pocket and take them with me into the field. -- Not much more time left!!!! I’m sure I’ll have tons for next week!  Panama, here I come!--Love you all!!!!!!

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