Monday, July 16, 2012

No hablo Espanol.... todovia

So I'm freezing here... not all the time, it just feels like normal days back home. But it's not hot unless you stand in the sun. I haven't seen much of Guatemala yet, but I think I'll get out more later. I'm mostly just confined to the CCM. The CCM here is also housing for those visiting the temple that is next door (there's a gas station in between the CCM and temple... kind of funny, I think the church has been trying to buy it for a while now...). We got to go to Casa CRE yesterday which is where we do our TRC (we teach actual people and not other missionaries or teachers) it's an actual house by the temple that they have made each room like a living room so we can practice. So that's the only time that we've been free! haha. I think I like it here more than Provo, but it's so different that I can't really tell, plus it's still my first week here which is always a little more stressful than it will be later. It's like starting a new job and not knowing where everything is and what all the rules and procedures are. Some other things that are different are we get a snack time in the evening after dinner... yay... more food, but it's always good. The food is still great here, I expected more rice, but the cook here I think likes to be diverse. I think I've only had rice once since I've been here. I love the fruit (look up what lychees look like, I don't really know how to spell it, but they're a spikey fruit. I think that's the only weird fruit I've eaten, it's good.) The food is so much better than Provo. Our classroom here is actually a bedroom in the temple visitor's quarters... there are a ton of people here right now. They are filled up. One of our teachers is hilarious... we'll go outside and play a game and if we get something wrong, she'd throw a ball at us! She's so funny but so strict at the same time. It's great. Another one of my teachers got off his mish 3 weeks ago and he's just adorable haha. So here, we're the ones with the headsets in meetings to get the translation. There are only 4 of us going to Panamá, and one of us is a Latino elder so he'll be out of here in three weeks. I love Latinos so much. They're so patient with and try to help us so much. I'm excited to be around them all the time! I heard the food in Panamá is all rice and salty food. haha -_---- So letters take forever to get here, but you can write me or dear elder works well, just do it before every Tuesday. I love you all! Hermana Schumacher

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