Monday, July 2, 2012

Puffy Pants and 19 Year Old Elders

This has been the longest week of my life and it has flown by!

Where do I start... My companion is Hermana Kistner. She's from Prescott (pronounced Pres-kit, just fyi), Arizona. AND I talked to her on the phone in Puerto Rico the DAY she got her mission call! How crazy cool is that!? She's Nick Johnson's cousin. He was on tour with me in the DR (Dominican Republic) and PR (Puerto Rico.) The other sisters in my district are Hermana Canfield and Ericson. Mi Hermana y yo sentimos como nosotros conocemos each other forever! (excuse the conjugations mal y the grammar mal) Our companionship is not perfect because we are so different, but because of that reason, our lessons and study radiate with the Spirit. Without the Spirit, I don't think I'd still be here. What I have done this week wouldn't have been possible without it. They literally throw you into the work. The 2nd day they had us teaching lessons to an investigator in SPANISH. That's right... crazy! I'm learning Spanish for sure... I'm not worried about being my crazy happy self in Spanish anymore... that's easy... jaja. To get through the day, I laugh. I laugh con mi hermanas y at myself.

My district is fantastic! There are 12 of us in a tiny prison cell that we can never leave except when we are fed. jaja. But, really it's awesome! The Elders are so great... they're going to miss us Hermanas when we leave (we ALL go to the Gatemala CCM (or MTC) in less than two weeks, only Hermana Canfield is staying in Guatemala, the other 3 of us head to Panama.) They are so 19 year old boys. We are reminded of that everyday... but what's really scary is that we're getting so used to being around them. Our district wouldn't be the same without any one of them. It's the strangest feeling to be with them all day and feel like I knew them before I got here. To be honest the only bad thing so far is the stench... haha This food here makes us stinky! One of the Hermanas has the nick name of Hermana Puffy Pants... it can only get worse going to Central America! jajaja...

Our day starts at about 5:45 in the morning and goes till 10:45-11 at night. We have NO down time... but it's absolutely perfect! We study and study and study and laugh! It's great. I went to the temple this morning and it was gorgeous!

I love you all and I hope this 15 minute written blog is good enough for you all! WRITE ME! I haven't gotten any letters and I know I've only been away for a week in your time, but in my time it's been a year... seriously... (also, is a missionary life saver! so... get on that while I'm in the MTC!)

This week's scripture: 2 Nephi 31

Peace Out!

-Hermana Schumacher

(pics next week)

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