Sunday, March 24, 2013

P-day visit to Panama Canal! 3-18-2013

Yes. I finally went to the canal! We went to the temple in the morning and then my comp and I hitched a ride with another zone that was at the temple, my old zone actually, and away we went. I figured it was a good way to celebrate my 9 month halfway point birthday! haha The canal was just like any locks in Seattle... the only difference was that the ship was HUGE haha It was cool. I felt like a major tourist for the first time. 9 months! I can't believe it and I had my bebe girl (mi hija) at 9 months... how perfect... hahahahaha (Tina note: When a new missionary arrives they are called a baby daughter to the training companion.)

My companion is amazing as always.  She takes the reins when I'm running out of juice. She was so prepared to come on a mish. I love hearing all the stories from my comps of their lives and why they are here. Everyone has such a personal story. I love Hna Navas tons!

You know that Latinos don't leave their parents house like ever.  It's perfectly normal to live with them until you die, even if you're married. In many ways that's awesome unity. But with our culture and tendencies, we have to get out of the house! hahaha my Latino friends always freak when I say that my parents say I can stay in the house if I'm going to school or pay to stay, but really they want me to eventually leave... hahaha cracks me up every time...

I wish we could study all day! 4 hours of study isn't enough! haha I'm finishing  Revelations this week and the New Testament is done! I love the New Test. It means more now than ever before as a mish...

No baptisms planned for this month. I do want to warn people though... one of our investigators is super hesitant in going back for a 4th time because someone said something about wearing nice clothes, skirts and white shirts. She was rubbed the wrong way cause of course she and another guy were the only ones that she noticed in regular clothes.... We have to be super careful about people visiting the church and of our example to others as members of the Church of Jesus Christ.

You have no idea how jealous I am... I want to see a movie! SOOO bad. I think that is the thing I miss most.... and trombone OHHHH I played a trombone Sat! I also would like to end my letter with, I ate a fish's eye ball and I liked it. Tasted like bacon sin sal. hahahahaha!

Love the mish. I can't believe that tomorrow I complete 9 months in the mish! It's crazy! I still feel brand new! loooooooovvvveeeeee ya'll!

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