Sunday, March 24, 2013

Birthday Pics and Fun Stories 3-11-13

The papers on the door are on my house. this was a surprise. it was great! I love them. the family we live with are awesome! haha. I{m pretty sure the drawing of like a nefita looking man is supposed to be me... haha
the other photos are at member's house. I love her. seriously. so much. they feed us on Sundays and surprised me with CAKE! I may have started the cake fight in the picture where I{m holding the cake and it{s in the face of my comp. haha. loved it. this is the day of my birthday. it was a great birthday....

we finally went ice blocking. the APs bought ice and we headed to parque omar in the city. it was great! soooo utah... haha a good multi zone pday. my mom and i and my hija haha.

Misc. Stories
So my hija tells everyone the bad things I did to her like the first day we walked like 45 minutes to get home at 9pm and she got home with blisters on her feet. (this was the plan haha she has to learn how the mish is! no she knows! it's all out of love) also that I told her the duros were alcohol... they are actually like popsicles that they make in little bags. She was walking around for about 3 weeks thinking that the whole world sells liquor. so I asked for one at a little tienda and she was like no! hna no lo diga! what are they going to think of the mish!? when she saw what it was, she was so mad! haha she was like all these days I've been dying of sed in the hot sun and I thought the people were selling alcohol to cool off! also, she says I hit her... but that's a complete lie. I just elbow her in the face once in a while on accident cause her face is right at the right height.... that's not my fault. I love my hija.

So I went to the dr and she said it was a bacteria on my face and a fungus on my legs. yeah! my skin hates my life! haha so I got meds. yum yum yum.

I GOT MY SHOES. and now I have some wonderful blisters on my little pinky toes. they're about as big as my toes are. haha. but the shoes will wear in. or my feet will... whatever one is first. thank you soooo much. last week my old pair finally really died. the hole on the bottom is huge and I was basically walking on rocks... haha. so know it's perfect. I have 2 good walking shoes and lots of fun shoes.

I love you all!
Hna Schumacher

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