Sunday, March 3, 2013

One day late.... 2-26-13

hey hey. so I hope you weren´t all worried yesterday.... the power was out in all of Panama so we didn´t get to use Internet. but here I am. (Tina comment: of course we would never worry anything was wrong, like a car accident...)

I´m so grateful for an amazing ward. (the only thing we need is a piano player! haha, I played piano for the first time ever in Sacrament meeting. I made soooo many mistakes, but oh well, no one cares... haha, so I´ll try and I´ll practice!

a few random things:
  • pday yesterday we went iceblocking in parque omar in the city with the APs and Panama zone and alcalde dias. and I went down the hill on a huge chunk of ice with my first companion and got a good video.
  • last pday was soooooo nice and relaxing. we hung out in the interior at a finca. pretty much just sat in a hamaka, explored the river with crocks and ate Panamanian food all day. so nice.
  • the week before we were doing service with the elders at one of our investigator´s houses and I cut down a giant lemon tree with a chain saw. that´s right, the guy asked me to do it and not the elders. haha loved it. prolly not a good thing to do in the mish when we´re not even allowed to use machetes haha but when else will I get the chance in my mish to show my might and power. 

New Companion

now... about my companion. She´s super awesome. more strict on rules and things like that than I am, but that´s all cool. I love her. she came ready. she only had 2 weeks in the Missionary Training Center in Guatemala. Now the Latinas only have 2 weeks and the gringos 6! I´m personally glad that I had 9. I enjoyed the MTC and CCM. at least that´s what I remember. but I also remember thinking... what more can I learn here in the CCM after 6 weeks that I can´t learn in the field and better out there with a Latina companion....? so I think it´s a good thing. So, my new companion is de Honduras, the capital. She´s so cute and she wants to learn and wants to work. She has so much energy.

Love to you all,
Hermana Schumacher

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