Sunday, March 3, 2013

Colon and Picture Details 2-11-13

y... fuimos a Portobelo! in Colon! it was great! it was gorgeous. we went with 2 other zones. look up the town. and the black Christ there. so while we were there we got a group of dances to come dance for us! it was awesome! we all paid like 2 bucks. they came out to eh fort on the water and danced. the little crazy boys are hilarious! and they dragged us out to dance with them. one of the little boys has a bra hanging from his belt. don´t know if you can see it in the pic. but like they were locos!!! they dances super close to us and would run up behind us as we walked away! those locos! haha it was hilarious! these boys are like 14 years old! loved it. it was an awesome pday. we were so late.... cause to get to Colon we had to get to Panama to Albrook Mall and then take a bus up there... and back and all that jazz. but let me tell you... Panama is GORGEOUS.

(Previous post pictures) so the story of the Congo dancers and the paintings.... there is this queen with the people and the devil comes and she protects them. look up the Congo in Panama in Colon on YouTube and look up the story. it´s awesome! then you´ll get a taste of what I saw.

I want to write soooo much more... but I´ve already been on her for an hour! how does it go sooo fast! much love sent from panama!

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