Sunday, March 3, 2013

Teaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ 2-18-13

I'M TRAINING! that´s right! Shhoooooot! I´m so freaking excited! I doubt I´m ready, but I doubt I could be much more ready! I´m sooooo EXCITED!  I´m so pumped. And this area is like a perfect area to be your first. I´m excited for her. The members and the people in this area are fantastic.

We went contacting in another area for a couple hours. I was grateful for my area and my investigators after that day. when you´re away from them for a day, you realize how much you love them! WE met some awesome people in her area though! I wish they were in my area! haha. point of the story is that I love divisions. I was a little afraid of them at first, but now, I look forward to doing it again sometime.

There are seriously people who want to learn more! I just wish the world wasn´t always so busy. it really gets in the way. They have a desire planted in their soul to learn what they already known in their heart, but they are so weighed down by the pressures and lusts of the world! oh how the scriptures preach the truth concerning the darkening world before the Savior comes again. I´m glad to know that I´m on the right side and that I´m here fighting.

A man who got baptized last week went to the temple this week and did baptisms! wow! we were supposed to call him and tell him that bishop said that he couldn´t go until the next time when he gets the priesthood... but we could NOT get a hold of him before the day! so he showed up and... the bishop gave him the priesthood and to work he went in the temple! the bishop wasn´t very happy about it, but we tried as hard as we could. but you should have seen him when we talked to him about the temple afterwards. he was amazed! he LOVED it. and he was telling his wife all about it. That just showed me that it was what the Lord wanted. Our Padre knew that he was ready and knew that he needed to go. He is amazing! The Temple is amazing. The gospel of Jesus Christ is amazing. The Lord is working hard out here with us.

I love Panamanians. I really do.
And I love all my little people at home in the states too!
Peace and Love and Happiness all around!
Hermana Schumacher

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