Sunday, April 21, 2013

Canals and a Trombone 3-25-13

So we were at this feria (market) in the church and there was this kid with a trombone case strapped to his back. At that point, I was freaking out.... like my comp was like... your face is ecstatic! So I was like I wanna play it! I talked with a lady from church and she was like, I don't know how it is... but she proceeded to walk over to the kid and said that I wanted to play it! haha so I was like ya, but not here. So we went inside the church and I took it out and it felt so strange. It was like I miss it, but I don't want to hear how bad I sound. It was... I can't explain it haha, but I put it to my lips and..... nothing.... haha I couldn't play anything!!! so I took the mouth piece out and started to buzz a bit, after that I could play a bit. I hit a high c or something way up there... and it took me a try or too but I hit a pedal f. I messed around, but really it didn't sound great.... the kid was surprised I could play that well after 9 months of not touching a horn. It was fun. I miss playing... a lot. It was my 9 month birth month regalo (treat).
So Spanish wise.... I can say most everything, but I definitely have a higher respect and understanding for people who come into the US and learn English as a second language. I thought I understood before... but not really. it's like starting at 0. it's impossible to sound intelligent! haha it sucks and rips up my pride into a thousand pieces, which is a great thing really. I love this experience as a whole and hate it in the moments of trial.

Finally got to go to the canal.

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