Sunday, April 21, 2013

Tall Buildings, Beaches, Easter and DO YOUR HT AND VT! 4-1-13

Well, today was aaaaaammmmmmmazzzzing. I actually felt like I was in a tropical place with beaches! that´s right, we went to the beach. Coronado. we were in a condo with these members that one of the elders knows from the states. we played ult Frisbee and played with jelly fish and climbed on the roof of a 25 floor condo. it was soooo scary cool haha. oh the things we do with 19-23 year old boys haha. so I hung my feet off the end and took lots of pics of the beach and Panama! fun stuff. photos from the roof!!!!! 25 floors up! crazy elders! that's  an elder on the ledge there. I was waiting for him to just lean over and fall off! seriously.... the lord protects us, but not when we do dumb things....

We made baleadas for my friend's birthday. They're tortilla from Honduras

Easter... pascua. well... I didn´t even know it was Easter until I started picking out the hymns for church and I was like wait.... isn´t pascua Easter? seriously .. Latinos don´t know what Easter is in the states... it´s absolutely nothing here. this week was the semana santa (Saints Week) so it was a lot of partying of course! haha. asi es. on Friday it was interesting to experience the processions and stuff through the streets. there was a huge group of people walking with torches and crosses and people dressed up as Mary an they had a Mary statue and a coffin with Jesus. and they were all praying and stuff. it was pretty interesting. and we were sitting on the bench of the bus stop waiting for them to pass by. they are surrounded us and I stood so that they who had been walking a ton could sit down and they were all whispering .. the Mormons moved so that we could sit. haha... like it was a surprise. It was a cool experience. so that was the holy week... but Easter was nothing.. it actually made me a little home sick.

(What no bunnies, chocolate, peeps, eggs, jelly beans, hunts and other corporate money grabs? Cynical mother comment.)

It's so hard to help menos activos (less active members), cause it´s the help from the local members that is going to get them to church. But everyone is just so different. We have to search for the exact thing that they are waiting for.... hard work. Rewarding work, but to all the members out there... DO YOUR HOME AND VISITING TEACHING, please! I´m pleading with you!

Love to you all,
Hermana Schumacher

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