Sunday, April 21, 2013

Sasha Stories 4-8-13

How was conference. I want a report from EVERYONE. (1) 1 thing they liked and (2) 1 thing that slapped them in the face. I'll give you mine.
1. the story of the prophet setting the area on fire! ha! who would have thought....
2. obedience is better than sacrifice. (I sacrifice time, friends, etc to be here, but if I'm not obedient, what comes of it? nothing. nothing whatsoever.)

So this morning we had a very sad experience.  One of the women we live with found their duck dead in the back yard. yesterday I heard while I was studying a lot of strange noises coming from Patín. I told them last night, but they didn't check. we went out to do something... there he was dead. I don't know if an animal got him or what. he just had blood coming from his mouth. maybe it was a snake. poor poor Patín. This deformed flippered friend was well loved. now we wait to see him one day in the Heavens.

My comp learned a few things this week like following the spirit promptly. one night this week I felt like taking a bus instead of walking home. she had a strong impression to contact 2 jovenes (youth) at the parada. she got out her folletos (calendar) and starting putting los datos on the back. she was finishing up the last bit when the 2 jovenes got into a taxi and sped away. oh how she beat herself up so hard. but that's how the Lord works. he tests us, we fail, we learn, we change, and we do it the next time he challenges us.

Conference was amazing. I started with 14 questions. over half of them were answered or referred to in the first session! haha I love the way that the Lord works. As I was listening I thought of the ability to reject and say that these men are not witnesses, not apostles, that he is not a prophet. All I could think was how I could never deny these men's testimonies. I could never deny that Pres Monson is a prophet of God as Moses, Enos, Nephi, and Abraham were.

We had some great days this week. We visited practically EVERYONE on Thursday and Friday to invite all in persona to the conference. I love saying that we have the chance to listen to apostles and a prophet hoy en dia! It's so great and we are so blest. We had a good week and worked hard and walked lots and talked to a ton of people. Week after week flies by. I love this work.

Hna Schumacher

So I was hang out at our landlord's salon and she told me to sit down. she proceeded to die my hair! haha so I now have highlights. I like it. but now I look like a fula. haha 

ummm... so I had NO idea where cashews came from! the fruta is good too. we make juice all the time. so we cooked up some fresh cashews! it was awesome. maybe I'll sneak some home with me to cook up with you guys! haha it was so much fun. This is where I cut down the huge lemon tree. and this week he's going to teach me how to sharpen a machete.

They tasted soooo good. 

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