Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Singing in the Rain 4-23-13

New website for the mish http://misionpanama.snappages.com/home.htm

Mother Note: After another Monday of no email.... we now realize that usually means they have gone to the Temple. No vans rolling down hills!)

I´m alive. About yesterday, we worked instead of having p-day. so today we´re just taking a little time to use internet. we ended up citas yesterday and we were like... oh well, comp pday working! haha it was good. we also went to the gym for almost 2 hours. it was fun and hard work. but it paid off today cause in training with the Assts and president today, they made our group do 20 push ups. we showed off and did them. usually as hermanas use the excuse that we can´t do them cause we have skirts on! haha

The rains have come!!!!! everyday in the afternoon it POURS. I LOVE the rain. I missed it soooo much! so we got soaked in the city last week. it was amazing... all the people looked at us like we were locas! It´s true! haha

So we went to the ward choir last week... I was suffering, la verdad... haha but it all turned out fun and dandy. I changed the key and wrote out one of the hymns for the piano player so that the members can sing it cause they can´t sing high enough. It was fun to use some of the knowledge I´ve about forgotten about music.

Love to you all,
Hermana Schumacher

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