Tuesday, October 30, 2012

So many mish! 10-22-12

So many mish! It's so weird, and it´s so weird that these little boys are going on their mish at the same time as me... I feel so old.... haha
this week we had the most rain than ever! some days it never stopped! what´s nice is it´s cool. one day my comp left my umbrella in my bag and we just walked for an hour in the rain... it was pretty amazing. I love the rain soooooo much. I´m getting used to the heat. I don´t feel sticky. I´m working on my mish tan including my wacky tan lines on my feet... yikes!
right now I´m reading my comps english material.. it´s so interesting. I´m learning a ton about spanish from it and how to teach english to spanish speakers (i´d love to do that after my mish like esl, or tsol or what ever it´s called.) and about my comp and i´s communication issues haha. it´s way interesting.
okay, no mucho tiempo.... yikes! I have more to say! my blog is mucho mejor! Thank you blog slave! haha love you mom!
I miss warm and hot showers. so much. If you could send one through the mail, please do...
the more i study spanish the worse I realize I am at speaking it.... yikes, but isn´t that life? haha I can´t speak english anymore either! so much for communication in my life.... blah!
gotta go! I send much love and I have like 10 letters leaving in the next week for all you peoples! love you! and if you haven´t sent me a letter... I don´t have your address to write you and tell you I want to talk to you!!!! so write me!
con mucho amor, Hna Zapatera

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