Monday, October 15, 2012

LOOOOOONNNG Week! 10-1-12

We have cambios (transfers) this week. meaning week number 6. My comp and I will be together one more change, even though my comp asked the pres to be transferred. She´s burnt out here and for me, I think it´s holding me back a little. We both don´t like to make decisions. I like a packed set schedule, not one where I  have to decide what to do, cause what I want to do in the moment is sleep. haha. but we´ll see how it goes. anyway, I should probably tell you about my week.

This was a LOOOOOONNNG week. But it ended with a bang. A good bang, not like a gun shot, bad bang... haha.
We didn´t study once this week, which kills me... I´m way more tired and my Spanish seriously suffers throughout the day. but every morning we somehow had something we had to do or I was sick.
Domingo: Crazy personal experience with a ward member, drains my comp and I
Lunes: P'day but not p'day... solo in the morning. the rest of the day we worked.
Martes: p'day for real. went to Panama viejo. pretty, hot, tired, fun vines to swing on with my district
Miercoles: District meeting, cause p'day was on tue and not mon
Jueves: Sick, like sick sick. it sucked. all night. on this day I was suppose to go to Panama in the morning at 4am but wed night at about 10:45 I started running a fever and it was up and down and up and down all night. I finally fell asleep at about 3am and woke up LATE for immagrations at 6am and then did nothing all day cause, I felt like I was going to fall down to the ground with dizziness and weakness.
Viernes: my comp said that the Zone leader said to go to immagrations this morning. so up at 4 am and out the door.. AND..... no one was there... we call the mish office... no, not today... great.... we got up way early, when I need to rest, we paid for a bus to Panama and now we´re just going to turn around and go home.... yeah, okay, that´s fine, whatevs.
Sabado: Baptism. no water in the font. late. I´m feeling like crud. there aren´t any members there cause the branch temple trip is in a few hours. there´s a seminary grad party going on that is huge and sooooo loud during the bap. yeah, not ideal. the man we bap is in a wheelchair. Pres Ward is here witnessing the craziness. it was a great bap. haha like really great. the Spirit was soooo strong.
Domingo: The day of rest. I finally feel GREAT! todo el dia! it was wonderful )

Side Notes: The toes are good. menos bug bites. I´m tan already. random info: here it gets dark at 7 every day. never changes. at about 6 pm it starts and by 7 it´s pitch dark. it kinda sucked in the beginning, but I´m used to it now. and I´m not looking forward to summer. it´s winter right now and I´m a sweaty mess. I love the rain... I don´t want a dry season.... cry...

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