Monday, October 15, 2012

Assimilation 10-15-12

okay, I'm way lazy right now... and plus, my mother isn't posting my letters! sad day? I think so.... okay, so now I have 20 minutes.

This is my letter to my pres this week:

This week we visited with a woman who we haven't seen for many weeks. we only just met her the time before entnces, this week we actually taught a lesson on the plan of salvation. the last time we learned that her husband has left her and doesn't want to get back together but she does. they have a beautiful home and a 4 year old boy. when we knocked on her door the first day, it was the first time in my mish that I felt a prompting from the Spirit to knock on a door. when we did, Hermana Itsel cried during our time with her. afterwards, we were like... wow. the spirit was tan fuerte. this week after we taught about the first half of the plan of salvation including the life and example of the Savior, my companion felt VERY strongly that she should ask for baptism. she followed that prompting without looking back and our investigator replied without hesitation si! and to a fecha (deadline) all she wanted to ask was what time. as my comp and i left her home. we stopped in the street and offered our gratitude and astonishment at the milagros in our day and especially with this hermana to our Father in Heaven. the Spirit is here in this work! there's no doubt about it. may i just add that this night of milagros was proceeded with a really cruddy day... both my comp and i were emotionally and physically drained. it just goes to show that the Lord really can lighten our load in the end if we only trust in him.
we visited the temple yesterday with a couple. the wife is menos active and her husband isn't a member and they need to get married. needless to say... the temple was the most perfect plan ever for them. I called my mish pres and told him I was hoping for a miracle if he wasn't busy and he wasn't! so he came and picked us up at albrook (the big mall/bus terminal in Panama City, (I'm there right now) and we headed to the temple. pres is great. we talked about the temple and he basically just asks my comp and I questions the whole time and we teach by answering them. the spirit was so strong last night. I personally needed to visit the temple grounds. it's so peaceful and especially on Sunday because there's no one there.
yesterday a member in the ward filled a CD with like almost 70 songs of salsa music .. love it!!! don't worry, we'll be good. haha. maybe just for dancing in morning exercises haha. my comp about died when he gave it to us. haha love it. she loves loves loves dancing. my little sexy comp latina. we're good friends. she says that I know her life more than any other mish in the mish. which is saying something cause she has some good friends here. i think it's weird for her that I ask so many questions to get to know her... i don't know how to explain that. to me information and stories about someone's life are way important, to her it's more about quality time and laughing and showing you care on your face rather than words. I'm learning a lot from her. I hope to stay in touch with her after my mish, with Facebook, that's pretty easy. she heads home in Feb prolly. I've taught her some new things in English. she's working on reading the Book of Mormon in English. and she laughs at me when I say things like what the heck! whatever, fatty fat fatty, and especially yikes, yuck, and eww. hahaha love it.
Spanish is good. I think I finally feel like a mish. haha my coninera said that I look like a mish now. but I'm not sure if that's good or bad... I'm pretty sure that means I like a hot sweaty gringa that's more fat now than when she arrived and she doesn't seem to care about what see wears anymore or if her hair is nasty. yeah, I'm not sure yet if that's what she meant.
Okay, love you all!! I hope my mom posts this!!! haha (hint hint! haha)

I need my jean cut off shorts sooooo bad! but I'm looking for some here. need music. need pics. need pics of Cami's wedding .. tell her that.,.. seriously. I want pics from everyone.

ps. I dance like a gringa. like sooooo bad. I'm going to come back latina. bronceada, able to move my body, speak Spanish, and whatever else... prolly not shorter though... haha
love love love from panama! woot woot panama!

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