Monday, October 15, 2012

Ask the mish, they can help you! 10-8-12

Conference was way amazing right? haha. Sat
morning one of our investigators was with us. He´s 20 years old and
can never understand me. I think it´s because he´s so used to the
terrible Panamanian language here haha. cause everyone else can
understand me fine... haha the kids and jovenes are the hardest to
understand here... anyway, so sat morn was like the best session for
him with elder nelson´s talk to mish and non members and
investigators. to every question... ask the mish, they can help you.
hahaha I was like, great! more work, thanks elder Nelson! haha IT
was a great talk. like a mish discussion practically. loved it.

And about missionary ages: Jakob and I always talked about going on our mishes together! haha. tell him to put his papers in asap. his date after school and wait on
the Lord. Seriously, so freaking exciting. all of us mish were
together watching in English and we all freaked! There´s going to be
way more sister mish. I wonder if I would have went at 19...? Tell
Jakob, that the sooner the better because the faster we can be sealed
to you guys after he gets back!!! haha

we went to the stake center and watched all the sessions. my comp`on
fri said that we couldn´t go if we didn´t have invest to go with us,
and I kinda freaked out saying that there´s no way that the mission
would impede my blessing of listening to the PROFETA! hello! this is
our message as mish, the restoration and revelation! haha, so I asked
after the 1st session if we could go to all of them, and they looked
at me funny like, duh,.... of course you can. so, we did. loved it.
I watched it all in english and with hermana kistner too. haha. It´s
funny how our mish is so intertwined with the call in puerto rico to
being comps to being in the same area our first change. we see each
other every week.
I don´t think I need a cd player anymore. an hermana promised me hers
when she leave for home in nov! craziness. she´s way cool. she´s
from tonga/california. haha. It´s great to be able to talk to someone
who understands all my feelings right now and has lived throu the mish
and has advice and speaks english and struggled and loved it. She and
her comp are a little rebelous I think... but the whole mish is sorta
like that. I´m trying to figure out the balance here in the mish of
mish white handbook rules and mish chillness. not too sure yet....

We didn´t have changes, like I thought. so I´ll be with my comp
another change. love her. cultural differences are hard, and I need
to learn to let things go or keep my mouth shut at times... hahaha.
it´s all good. love her to death though., wouldn´t want anyone else
for mi madre. (I´m her hija, she´s my mother. I was"born" into the
mish and when your getting ready to go home they call it "dying" ahah
spanish mish language...)

To my friends and family: if you send me a letter, send me pics!
Alexis sent me pictures and it awakened a desire for more `pictures!
it´s easier than sending me something else, and I don´t really need
anything anyway. PICTURES!!! I love fotos!!

So my umbrella that is pretty heavy duty, it hasn´t died yet, but it
rains so hard that my hair is soaked even if I use my umbrella. so I
look like a wet dog all day. It´s wonderful. once again.... good bye
beauty, es la mision! haha

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