Tuesday, October 30, 2012


I´ve filled an entire journal so far in my mish.... haha. I love writing in my journal.
I need to stop studing in english... I´ve been turnign to my comp and talking really fast in english to her all of the sudden and then quickly realizing that it was in english.... haha... yikes. my mind is still in frikin english. (quick note: everyone says frik and friking in spanish, hilare to me)
I´m like obsesded with brusha and flossing my teeth here.... they´ve never been so happy, guess that´s a good thing, cause I won´t be headed to a dentist any time soon.
I had a freak out moment yesterday with my comp... I just kinda freaked out about never being able to talk to anyone like I want to! like I´m stuckin a dreamworld where I can´t talk. like my mouth is sewn shut. 
My personal lesson on sunday this week was that it´s always better than we think. My comp and I have been a little downhearted because we have quite a few fechas and no progressing investigators cause they´re not going to church! We also worked really hard at inviting people to classes ingles this week and still... nadie. but on Sunday, we had one 11 year old investigator come to church and then to our surprise another investigator with 2 kids walked in after the 1st talk. As I looked around I realized how many recent/and non recent converts there were. I imagined the chapel without those people and my imagination was pretty empty. I´m so grateful for the people that we do have. I am grateful for those 2 investigators that came to church. sometimes it feels like we´re not doing anything but dying in the heat, but then the lord blesses me with moments of meditation like this, and then I see.

Hermana Schumacher

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