Friday, October 19, 2012

Panama Mission Shipping

Straight from the horses mouth:

Brothers and Sisters,
Good afternoon my name is Elder Hawks and I´m in charge of receiving the mail for your sons and daughters here in the mission. It´s amazing to see how much love and support you all offer through letters and packages and I know that it helps to receive such letters and packages from home.
With the Holiday Season coming I know that we are going to see an influx of mail and it´s an exciting time for all of us. However, I need to ask a favor from all of you that you DO NOT send any type of food to your sons and daughters through packages. Here in Panamá there is a law that indicates the illegality of sending such things and upon arriving to Panamá any package that has food is confiscated and we are unable to claim it and send it to your kids.
Address for sending packages:
Your missionary’s name
Misión Panamá
Carrasquilla Entrega General AP 0834
Panamá, Republica de Panamá
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE help us out here by not sending things in packages because it would be sad to never receive your packages. I appreciate you support and cooperation.
Elder Andrew Hawks
Secretario General
Mision Panama

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