Sunday, September 8, 2013

Lost in San Blas Still...... Back Sept 18th

 Laundry in a bucket. 

The washing machine.
 Temporary Church

 The laundry boat.
 Doing laundry. Fortunately no crocodiles today!
 The Taj Mahal of bathrooms for the Hermanas.
 School where Sasha teaches English.
 Getting new church ready.
 Tearing the old church down.
 The church building is closed for remodeling.


Too cute to eat??? 
Home sweet home! 
 Preparing school lunch.


 Washing clothes in the river.
 Enjoying more river washing.
 Getting ready for a baptism.

 Time for an English test.
School time.
 Yep, that is what you think it is....
 The main drag in town.

 More laundry in the river. Sasha loved being in the cool water.
 Canoe ride!
 Sasha's mansion, literally the biggest house on the island.
 More Church remodeling.

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