Sunday, September 29, 2013

Panama City for a break, then BACK to San Blas for 6 more weeks. August 8, 2013

I'm back in the big noisy stinky city. and guess what!?!?!?! you won't hear from me for another 6 weeks! I'm going back out there... haha. it's a new thing they are trying, 3 changes for the Blas mish on the island. we'll see if we survive. I'm gonna write back another day cause I have to go tonight. you know,,, people to visit with cause we're so popular ;) 8-7

I{m back and I have a million!!! of emails! which totally made my day! I'm so happy :)  haha it's like we get a week of vacation really.... it's strange in the mish. but that's what we get rewarded with as Blas sisters. we also get to eat dinner with the new pres and his fam in the mish home Wednesday :) 8-8

the pres is awesome. I haven't really talked to him. but he's an amazing speaker. he speaks Spanish super well. I talked to his wife and 3 of his kids a lot though. his son who just got back from the toykyo japan mish.... his kids are super smart.

Next change we will have 50% sister mish in the misión. they say that it's just gonna keep growing, the number of sisters. we'll be seeing sisers in the office soon as well. it's pretty interesting, but to me a little sad, cause we need the Elders. it's still pretty awesome! haha the times are changing and I'm living in church history! we're making it right now.

I'm sending tons of pictures!!  Enjoy!

Love to you all!

(Mom Note: I posted the pics already.)

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