Sunday, September 29, 2013

Sept 12, 2013 I'm Back!

I´m here! I came back early for a conference with Elder Ochoa tomorrow. WOW it was so amazing. and then tonight we have a sleep over with pres´s daughter. we´re so stoked. so we have p-week until Wednesday. so I´ll be in the city with nothing to do until Wednesday. we both have changes. we´re white washing the area like we planned. I don´t know if we´re training yet.

I'm now coming home December 12th, but one more week won´t hurt. I thought it would... but it doesn´t.  We got a surprise opportunity to use internet with the tourist there. wow I have so many stories... but you prolly won´t get them till I get home.... this change was amazing with Hmna E. I loved it. I already miss kuna yala SOOOO much. I have some of the best pics and things from my mission from blas.

shoot.... Hrmna E and I looked at all the blog pics you put up... I´m seriously on the verge of crying cause I´m so sad about leaving. WE have to come back soon to visit my Tupile. I already miss them... we´ll come live there for a few days. please please please. thanks for putting the pics up!

SO..... I don´t know where I´m going but the good news is that you can now get back into your habit of writing me every Sunday cause I´ll have internet and clean wáter and pdays! haha. BUT I do know that I´m white washing an elders área or opening a new área at the same time as TRAINING again. so awesome! I was suppose to have been Zone Leader this last change but I wantéd to stay in Blas so I didn´t get the chance. but I woundn´t have missed this last change in Blas for ANYTHING in the world. it was a time to remember FOREVER. so it´s gonna be a rough one to end my mish with a bang... training my second hija and opening an área. pretty great. I´m sooooo stoked. especially after the AMAZING zone conf that we had this morning in Cardenas. I now have less then 3 months left.... and Jakob´s leaving in like 10 days or so right???? wow... you OLD people are empty nesters!!! haha (At my own expense, I left that comment in.)

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