Sunday, January 27, 2013

Transfers and Christmas Eve 12-24-2012

Sis Mish and their beautiful Christmas Tree

SO... so leaving my area was hard. I´m now in Arraijan (ar-ray-han, accent on the han). Caceres, or Nuevo Chorrillo, if you can find that. I´m super close to where I was, but it´s way different. I´m with another GRINGA! can you believe it. I was pretty upset for about 5 minutes and then I got over myself. She´s Hna. Cooper. She´s the new nurse. She´s from Minnesota. She has one less transfer than I do! so we´re both new in the mish! crazy right! Pres Ward always talks about some of the weird companionships that he´s prompted to put together... I´m pretty sure we´re one of them now.... She´s way cool. I love her already.

My comp and I love our Christmas tree that grandma sent me, with lights and everything! It was amazing! I loved it. and I found ornaments in my house to put on it! My comp has a ton of Christmas music too. It almost feels like Christmas  and since she´s the nurse, we´re heading to Panama tonight to eat Christmas eve dinner with pres and sister ward! They had just invited all elders and Hermana Ward was like, it´s all boys, we need some girls, so she was like, lets call the sisters! So we are going :) I´m pretty happy about that....

Christmas Eve Dinner with Senior Mish and ???

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