Sunday, January 27, 2013

Mish Work and Life 1-14-13

This week was a little less exciting. We have some amazing investigators. Maria is a lady who went to church the Sunday after we started visiting her. It took one visit and she's come both these weeks! she's amazing. She's all set to get bap this month! And she invited all these 17 to 19 year old boys that are friends of her son to come listen to us. It's awesome. We taught them the word of wisdom this week. sooooo great. They confessed to drinking and all and wow. They were just so honest and awesome and maria is such a strong women and loves the word of God. Also, when we asked for references from her, she just walked outside and yelled over at her neighbor who was sitting outside and was like hey! listen to these muchachas. listen to la palabra! haha. She cracks me up. I love her. I love these people.

So Elder Christofferson is coming this week to Panama. He's speaking to us mish on like sat and my stake on Sunday. We're stoked. Should be great. I hope so. Seeing an apostle here is way cooler than any other time in my life cause like..... um well like I'm teaching the importance of apostles and prophets in the church of Jesus Christ and one is going to come talk to us! How cool is that! haha.

Sooooo. I saw a huge cockroach in the kitchen this morning.... that was fun and I'm enjoying watching the process of decay of dead dogs along our path every day and talking birds are pretty fun. Especially ones that sing about Jesus in evangelical praises. Note to family.... the praying Mantis here are AMAZING and huge and very bright yellow. Takes me back to good old times.... and even if I don't love Chihuahuas... puppy Chihuahuas are sooooo much fun and tiny! those are my animal stories of the day....
so yeah, peace out home flies! love you!
hna. shumachair

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