Sunday, January 27, 2013

Catching Papayas¨ the name of our b rated band. 1-7-13

(Warning: In Sasha style, some parts are, well, gross!)

So I decided I could make a good living catching papayas here in Panama. I´m tall and I never miss (knock on wood).

I could do well as a dead animal picker-upper. I always notice the dead frogs, mice, dogs, birds on the street cause I walk looking down. (needless to mention the situation with the kittens and puppies in my first area) my comp is starting a foto collection of dead animals; it´s pretty ¨classy´´.

Summer is kicking in, I´m as red tanned as I´ve ever been before. do we have native american blood, cause that would make sense (sorry, if that sounds racist, latinos are super easy going about calling people black, fula (white), chino, fat, skinny... it´s norm, but in the states we always tiptoe around this kind of stuff. (Just a culture note.) so one of our investigators has a fantastic herb garden. well, an everything garden. I LOVE plants (I think I give thanks to my mom for that) so she gave me a branch of her aloe plant to rub the goo all over my face and body. it´s pretty awesome. haha

so, I have tons to write... but have no energy whatsoever. I just want to go sleep for days. This morning we got up at 5 to go to the temple. I didn´t feel well but I headed out. well, it got worse on the diablo rojo (crazy school bus) to panama. I about threw up! so the bus ride sucked. I jumped out of my seat to race to the front of the bus and handed my money to my comp. I DID NOT want to throw up out the window... which about happened. I rushed to the bathroom in the transit center in Albrook and I´ll just let you imagine. But I wanted to go to the temple with my zone, so off we went. Waiting at the temple, I asked the elders from our ward to give me a blessing. Elder Castillo gave me a great blessing. I´m so grateful for the Priesthood, the authority and power of God. Not feeling tons better, I entered the temple session that was PACKED. they added 11 extra chairs in the room. I felt crappy, but kept feeling better and better. I know that the Lord blessed me. I know that he knows me. When I left the temple, once again, I felt terrible as we walked to the bottom of the hill to catch a bus. well... while walking with the whole zone I stepped off the path and puked.... in front of everyone. it was really dumb. luckily my comp knows me well enough to ward off the zone and tell them to stop gathering around and watching.... ummm... duh! haha but they just all wanted to help I´m sure.... remember the time I got sick with my mom of the mish (1st companion).... well, one of the mish was worried that I hadn´t gone to the clinic or taken anything.... But I´m more of the person to just hide out by myself until it passes.... unless it gets bad... then, yes mom, yes dad... Ill do something about it. and plus my comp is the nurse. no worries I´m so grateful that the Lord blessed me with health while I was in the temple and everything was all clear on the buses. he knows what we want. he knows what we need. He knows what we can handle. He knows that we need hard experiences to grow and learn and trust in Him. So now I´m just supper week and thirsty.... hopefully I get back from the internet cafe all clear. love you all... and I hope you enjoy my Panamanian TMI experiences... I tried to edit it. really I did.

I´m SO happy. the happiest I´ve ever been on my mish. Hna Cooper is amazing! We love being together and we are learning an incredible amount from this time that we have together. She is going to be an even more incredible mish by the end of her time.  We are learning about going for it and what it means to have faith.
I so excited to be here every day. Even when I'm sick. Even when I´m dying of heat. Even when the dirt road seems to go nowhere. I´m loving my mish.
Love you all!!!
Hna Schumacher

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