Sunday, January 27, 2013

The little things in life make us happy! 12-31-12

We worked sooooo hard this week. We are on fire! We work awesome together and the Lord blessed us more than we hoped for. We have a family that is prolly going to get married to get baptized! I´m so excited. we´ll both be here for the baptism cause this is a 9 week change. SOO exciting!

------Yesterday in church The Lord assured us that we are doing something right here in our area.  He blessed us with a 35 person higher attendance in church of menos activos and 7 investigators! It was amazing and over whelming! Church was work! We were running around trying to greet and take care of EVERYONE. It was amazing... I think I already wrote that, but it was! We were so happy. What joy is given us as we work in la obra del Señor!

While I was sitting in church next to an investigating 80 year old man who is fantastic, I wrote this in my journal: Ive never been so sure that I´m supposed to be where I´m at. It´s like a place in this seat in this time was carved out just for me. There´s no where else I am needed more in the whole world! If I came on my mission just to point at which word and line we´re on in the hymn to this old man in church today, I´m satisfied. I am perfectly happy and nothing in the world matters more that this.¨ 

I love this work. I love this people. I love this area. I love my comp. I love my God.----------

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