Sunday, January 27, 2013

Apostle Visit! 1-21-13

The fam we live with is just a g'mom, mom and daughter. They´re pretty great. We saw Elder Christofferson and all. We all shook his hand and he said all of our names as we went by. His Spanish is amazing! Soooo beautiful. I want Spanish like that.... one day, maybe if I´m diligent. He was amazing and we had 4 other general authorities with us. plus! he went to one area in Panama to talk to the people and guess where he went..... that´s right... my stake. God has blessed me so much to let me be in this area right now and with this comp. This is like the best time I´ve ever had in my mish. I know hard times will come... so I´m just enjoying my time as it lasts. I´m gaining more hope about going to San Blas.  Woohoo! We are getting like 100 new mish in the next year! It´s like doubling our mish. Right now we have like 30 something sisters... we´re going to have like 70-80! we´re going to be 1/3rd of the mish! SO exciting.
Love you all!
Hna Schumacher
Not too sure what they are doing, but this is during a Mission President visit to their area. Subway was on the menu though!

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