Sunday, October 27, 2013

Well my companion is struggling and suffering with Spanish, but I have finally been able to be somewhat of a comfort by sharing some journal entries from the beginning of my mission. She said that I stole the words right from her  thoughts. I hope that she understands better now that it is normal to be frustrated and tired, but that she is not alone in feeling like that, nor will it last forever. She WILL learn Spanish, and it will be a whole lot faster and better than she thinks. Shoot... that is prolly what people were thinking and telling me when I was in her position and I thought I was either going to die before Spanish happened or I would give up before the end. Well, I'm passed that point. I survived. I will survive. I struggle at times with thinking of going home soon, but then I remember my purpose and why I am here. For a wonderful purpose, to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ! then I feel a sense of urgency as I remember that I only have less then 2 months more to serve the Lord with all my efforts!

I love being a missionary.

Hermana Schumacher

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