Sunday, October 27, 2013

Update 10/14/13

Well... I think I'm officially getting trunky and maybe it's just the fact that my release date is coming...

Today we went to the beach... so we just stayed in our area and our zone came to us. I love that we live on the beach. we made sandwiches and just hung out. It's been a pretty chill P-day. The beach is hermosa here.

We had zone training this week. I LOVE my zone and district this change. I think they are the best I've ever had and boy do I need it. I think Blas really threw me backwards. I'm just not as good of a mish that I could be.  Blas was like 5 months vacation that I served as a different kind of mish. but now that I'm back in the game, my DLs have really helped and the APs are awesome too. I love being in the Panama zone cause all the office Elders are here. they are amazing mish and leaders... but at the same time... they're so just little 18 to 25 year old boys. I love to see that good gentlemanly men exist in this world. gives me a bit of hope for this future that we're facing in this world.

Last night we had bear baked chicken and mac and cheese with corn. SO good and normal food. I just have to tell you to let you know how happy I was. I love eating with Hna A an D. They were living in the states but they have to wait some time here for papers. They're Jamacan slash US people. They speak English better than Spanish people. love them and their normal food every Sunday.

So my area is Kuna Landia. I love it. I don't know how it's possible to love strangers so quickly. I just love the people here.

Hermana Schumacher

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