Sunday, December 30, 2012


A huge like super store was completely under water close to where we live. soooo scarey. our water was super muddy for a few days. we were only out of water for a day. I can´t believe how much water there was. I guess some one waroking at the gate just desided to open it and it came rushing out. there were a few deaths. the bridge was the worst part. since the super store was under water, ALL the merchandise was ruined. the familia juarez went to check it out cause they were just giving all the merchandize away. they came home with big huge black bags filled with stuff. the store and clean up poeple s just like bagged up what ever in bags. they got high heals, tons of ponchos, tons of barbies and dolls (which is aweome for their little girl) and an awsome tonka truck. tons more like christmas stuff and rugss and clothes too. like early christmas! haha it was awesme. tons of familias came home all muddy and with bags of stuff that day. I guess there were just tons and tons of people there to get free stuff. petty awesome. I want free stuff! haha

Are you learning a lot by studying the scriptures?
SO much! I´ve never known so much! simple gospel topics on steroids and then more complicated things like transfiguration and translation and the celestial kingdom and things... haha but that´s just for free time. seriously, I read the scriptures just for fun. I want to read Jesus the Christ when I get home. I could read it here, but I just want to focus on the scriptures for a year and half. Maybe I´ll change my mind later. but yeah, I´m learning so much! I have really realized how much I don´t know! like I feel like I know nothing!!!

 Yeah! I got our trees up, but not decorated. I sure am missing you when it comes to home decorating.  The boys just don't really care much.
I miss that too! shoot! I wish I could be there... but then again, I want to be here! I´ll be back home next year though, so no worries! haha only have to suffer 1 christmas without me :)

I made a wonderful turkey soup for dinner. Lots of work boiling the carcass and picking off the meat. Made me think of how they would do that in Panama; eat it all up!
It´s so true. I´ve pealed lots of meat off bones here.
And how is your Spanish?
better, better, harder with a gringa comp. we have been speaking too much English... but it´s nice to chat in English. it´s refreshing, so I think I´ll enjoy it while I can.

My comp is completely into the work. she´s awesome. we still make fun of ourselves being with 2 gringas in front of the members and people. haha it´s terrible and awesome at the same time. I want nachos!!!!! (An American dish I guess.)

That´s all I have to say! I want pictures! I want to see pics of Christmas and all!

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