Sunday, December 30, 2012


Did you know that there are Lions Clubs here.... that was soooo weird for me when I saw that..... haha like I´m not even in the retirement communities.... so funny.

So have you used your multi-tool?
Yeah, love it. but you know what I´m more grateful for is my knife  that you bought me for my birthday last year. I totally brought it and I use it EVERYday. (It's a serrated cheese knife that is open on the blade.)
How is your towel working out there?
love my towel. love! (This is the xlarge REI microfiber camp towel.)

Has summer weather began? I hope it's dryer.
rain has slowed up, but I loved the rain.... now it´s going to start drying up. they said summer is cooler cause there´s more of a breeze.

Did you get some vinegar, hydrogen peroxide or alcohol to sterilize your shoes and feet?
yes, but I haven´t done it yet.

Do you have a phone?
no. just our home phone which looks like a reg home phone but it´s actually a cell

Do you get to eat much fruit?
yes. and it´s not normal fruit. I love love fruit

Do they have American food/grocery stores?
yeah, Panama has everything that a white person could want.

I hope you get to celebrate a little. I'm sure there's not Turkeys, huh? Maybe pumpkin pie? 
I hope so! my comp and I are both gringas, so we´re so going to do a thanksgiving! I WANT PIE! haha

Q'xopa, that means que so pa.... meaning que paso in real Spanish.... meaning what´s up.... haha

here´s the news... my new comp is a..... GRINGA! what the frik! okay  seriously ... that was my biggest fear! My one thing that I asked HF (Heavenly Father) for! NO GRINGAS! and look what he did! he put me with an amazing mish from south Utah. Her name is Hermana (Anne) Hurst. She´s blond and blue eyed. It´s soooooo awkward! seriously! like two white girls walking down this dirt road in the middle of Panama.... yikes, my friends. it´s not a pretty sight. it´s so embarrassing. we have already talked about how this is so not wanted. we constantly tell people and joke with people about being two gringas. seriously and that it sucks. I mean, we love each other... it´s like, like worse than a big bright flashing white light walking down the streets.... but we´re both tough though, I´m not too worried. THE GOOD NEWS. I´m going to learn how to be amish. She´s amazing. She´s only got this change and the next one left, but she´s on fire! So we´re going to be doing some major work here. She´s come from some of the best zones and districts with the highest numbers and she´s way disappointed with our zone and district animo and goals. so we´re going to do some kick butt work in my area this change.
so we were supposed to have 2 baps this Last Saturday... Rosa and Cesar, but they never showed up! We brought investigators to watch and everything and so did another pair of mish. But it turned out that Cesar went with his uncle to his work or something, but he never returned until almost 9 o'clock. We were there when he got home. He started crying. It was soooo sad! He was like, I told him that I had to be home at 4, I told him! I think and so does his other uncle (in law) that his tio(Aunt) kept him away to keep him from getting bap. sooo terrible right! the pòor thing! but, never fear! satan CAN´t win!!! they´re planning on getting bap on this saturday! I´m so excited! I friking LOVE these people!

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