Monday, September 24, 2012

Snake en la Casa! 9/24/12

This week marks my one month in the field!! crazzzzeeeeeee!
a week or two ago, we were passing by a house of a menos activos family and in the street there were a bunch of kids and Hno. Ruiz (the grampa who is the member and is a crack up wise guy, he´s great) he had a possum with a rope around it´s neck and was dragging it around! the poor thing! the kids were kicking it and stuff. I think it had been eating their chickens. I told him that it was a creation of God! haha... a really really ugly one at least. the possum reached out and grabbed one of the shoes of a kid that was kicking him and attacked the shoe! haha freaked the kid out until he realized what happened and then laughed with a little hesitation... haha.
my fridge has an old magnet on it.... it says Jedi Training center with a light saber on it. pretty great.... star wars is just a really poor interpretation of missionary work: comps, the force, lots of rules like you can´t fall in love... the likes.
yeah, so the snake... seriously... there was a snake! Okay, so I thought it was a really big worm... but that´s not the point.... my comp swept it outside and started yelling at it in Spanish and smashing it with the side of the broom... haha pretty great.
We went to the temple last week.... um, so I thought I loved all the temples I´ve been in... but Panama temple is quite literally THE most beautiful temple I have ever been in. the stained glass windows from inside are brilliant! I don´t know how to describe it.... and one of my favorite rooms is the dressing room.... that should tell you just a little of how great the rest of it is....
when my comp and I were leaving the temple. The temple worker at the desk who was saying good bye in Spanish to us all of the sudden started speaking English to me and said ´´tonight, memorize D&C 109:22´´ and that was it. so I did. super bizarre but pretty amazing.
Okay, some stuff about Panama.... we went to a zoo last week, my favorite parts were the plants. Thrift stores happen to be amazing here... I will be going shopping before I go home. two weeks ago we went to Causway (dunno how to spell that) but it was beautiful and we rode in one of those 4 seated bikes like we used to do in Seaside and there was a building like the EMP there... I didn´t think there was anything like that ugly building anywhere else in the world, but I was wrong. I love my backpack, like I´m so grateful for a good backpack. taught my first class of ingles this week, un joven showed up and 3 latino mish. it was pretty great, but I had a really hard time praying in English.... like really hard.... guess that´s a good thing. I have theme music to my life here cause there is always music playing somewhere. I freaking love duros, which are frozen juice (made with all the fruits around here) in a plastic bag that they sell everywhere, best thing in my life. Rice made with coconut: freaking amazing! almost better than duros. Everyone here knows who Michael Schumacher is, like EVERYONE. Let´s take a count of the people who know who he is in my home town... oh? no one? interesting... haha I´m glad I know who he is... thanks to Dennis probably... hahaha. The busses here remind me of demolition derbies back home with busses haha, they blow the blackest spoke as they storm off and around corners and yeah... it´s crazy great. Elder Luciano from Mex made us tacos the other night at a members house. (he and his comp, and me and my comp are in the same barrio) they were freaking amazing... man I want Mexican food everyday!!! haha
I finally got my first letters and dear elders here cause we had interviews with pres this week. I think I get letters every six weeks... still not sure on how that works. but I got them this Thursday.

rain rain go away.... haha the street is a river. and it always rains the most on our pday... haha   k, i´m signing off. panama viejo manama! p day is actually tomorrow... haha cause Monday is a closed day for most things in this country.

(Funny how Sasha's grammar is becoming distorted, like she said, a good thing. - The Mom)

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